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Semi-Automatic Bunching Machine



Due to increasing demand from the market for an affordable, easy to operate bunching machine which can handle multiple types of flowers with high capacity, Havatec/Potveer has developed the Quality Buncher. This semi-automatic bunching machine can achieve, with a three- or four-man team, a capacity till 9.000 stems per hour. This machines not only reduces the manual handling significantly, but also reduces the staffing costs.

The only manual procedure is putting the flowers at equal level, by using a projected laser line. You are no longer dependent on the skills of the bunchers. The flowers are cut at pre-set length. Too short stems are automatically selected. The stems are first counted by the Quality Buncher after which the bunches are bunched fully automated. During the formation of the bunch, the leafs are stretched by an air stream (where necessary), after which the bunches are bound by the binders. The binders are making a stroke at standstill through which a firmly bounded bunch is guaranteed. The bunches are perfect, of constant quality and can be better of quality than handmade bunches. The packer picks up the bunches of the belt and makes them ready for shipment.

On behalf of sleeving there is an option for extra space between the binders.
This simple, compact system is suitable for every business size and makes this machine the bestseller  of our assortment. An excellent processing capacity can be achieved without depending on the skills of the bunchers. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the Quality Buncher!

Elementary and compact
Labour saving 1 – 3 persons
Effective capacity: till 9.000 stems/hour
Not longer dependant of the skills of the bunchers
Optimum bunching quality, including those with abundant leafs
Automatic sorting of flowers with insufficient length

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