Fixed Plough



A first in Turkey and the world, it was designed and manufactured to work in 360 degrees when there is any kind strain. Due to the special spring coils placed into all the socks it can be freed from any obstacle, it doesn’t strain the tractor and it is fuel efficient. Its automatic mechanism is made durable with the heating process technique used only by us. The angle changes made to the moldboard enables the soil to slide by the moldboards and helps it pass by between them and turn the soil over thus getting the weed buried in the soil. This plough doesn’t have a changeable width however we will manufacture it to the size you need it to be. We can manufacture it from 10 to 16 inches. More can be added using the strap on the end of the plough. There is a tension control on the spring shock absorber. Each sock has a directional adjustment and soya adjustment.

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