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Semichisel Cultivadores



Semichisel cultivator specially designed to work in vineyards and orchard plantations. Different models available adjustable to the kind of plantation. To be coupled in the rear three point hitch of any tractor. The particular disposition of the arms allow to work always at the same distance between arms independent if the cultivator is totally extended or folded, avoiding obstructions with grass or weeds. Its reinforced structure with hydraulic extensions and its special arms allow working with different kind of plough tools up to a working depth of 25 cm. 

Main technical characteristics:

  • Reinforced chassis with hydraulic extension.
  • Third point with adjustable inclination.
  • Rear roller, foldaway and adjustable in height and width.
  • Universal plough blades of tempered boron steel with high wear resistance.
  • Set for in-row weeder carrier included (depending on model).

Main optional equipment:

  • Hydraulic third point.
  • Rear barb rake.
  • Metallic front wheels.
  • Foldaway lateral arms
  • Mechanical in-row weeder.
  • Special chisel + blade plow.

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