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The SensOor is an innovative product developed by Agis Automatisering. It comprises a moulded chip that can be connected to an electronic eartag of a cow for monitoring cow welfare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CowManager® system contains 4 modules: Fertility, Health, Nutrition and Find my Cow. The SensOor gives you a lot of information about your herd, saves labour and ensures a sustainable herd.

The CowManager system offers:

  • Optimal oestrus detection
  • Precise timing of insemination and a reduction in the number of inseminations
  • Shortening of the calving interval
  • Rapid detection of disease outbreaks
  • Continuous monitoring of the herd
  • An understanding of eating behaviour and dietary change
  • Continuous measuring of rumination behaviour
  • Find your cows with the ‘find my cow’ application
  • A well-organized app on your Android smartphone


For centuries, dairymen relied on observations for heat detection. Today, dairy producers need an eye on their farm even when they are not looking. The CowManager® system is the most reliable heat detection systems on the market. Not only does it provide information on the optimal time for insemination, but it also provides insights into the cow's cycle giving you all of the information you need to make a pregnancy.

The CowManager system is here to help you:

  • Lower insemination costs
  • Increase pregnancy rates
  • Ensure the optimal age at calving
  • Shorten intervals between calving


Providing early and reliable detection of cow ailments can be a large cost savings for you. Early detection means there are less health issues, reduced use of antibiotics, decreased production loss and lower labor costs.

The CowManager system can alert you to possible ailments including:

  • Mastitis
  • E. coli
  • Uterine infections
  • Hardware disease
  • Displaced abomasums
  • Diarrhea

By providing insight into substandard cow behavior and ear temperature, the CowManager® system is also an exceptional tool to monitor the recovery of sick cows.


Most producers don't know if all of their cows are getting a full ration every day. With the CowManager® system, you can be assured that you will get a reliable measurement of the number of minutes each cow spends eating, grazing and ruminating. By providing insight into the eating behavior of individual cows, management groups and the entire herd, the CowManager system gives you the perfect assessment of the right ration for your herd as well as an excellent tool to monitor cows in the transition period. Now you and your feed analyst can receive actual information that is directly tied to feed efficiency, allowing for rations that can provide more milk per cow.

The CowManager system provides you:

  • Insight in eating and rumination minutes
  • Group overviews around drying off and calving
  • Group overviews of your management groups or the total herd

Never has finding a cow on the alert list been easier! The Find My Cow locator is a function of the FindMyCow app on your Android smartphone. Using this app, cows on a module alert list are identified as you walk behind them. The SensOor communicates directly with your smartphone, there is no need for any extra routers.

You can find specific cows for:

  • Inseminations
  • Health checks
  • Pregancy checks
  • Group changes

THE SYSTEM  Plug and play

The entire CowManager system is user friendly and incorporates several plug and play components.

The SensOor
The SensOor is a revolutionary ear tag technology - no need to charge a battery or change a collar. This revolutionary device fits around an “840” or official animal identification RFID tag when you place it in the ear of an animal. The SensOor should last for five years and includes a five-year warranty.

The Router/Coordinator
These two devices are important in collecting data from the SensOors. The coordinator connects to your computer to ensure proper data flow while the routers collect the data from the SensOors, allowing for complete plug and play operation. There is no need to run cords between the routers and coordinator.

CowManager Program
Once installation is complete, you will have access to the CowManager program. CowManager can be used as a web application on your computer or as an app on your phone or tablet. The CowManager can be connected to your management system (DairyComp 305, PC Dart etc.). CowManager will alert you when you have an animal that is in estrus or has a possible health issue. Through the multi-view option, you can set up several people on the same account including employees, your veterinarian and your nutritionist.

Find My Cow Locator
Never has finding a cow on the alert list been easier! The Find My Cow locator is a function of the FindMyCow app on your Android smartphone. Using this app, cows on a module alert list are identified as you walk behind them.

This SensOor fits around an “840” or official animal identification RFID tag when you place it in the ear of an animal.
The ear tag comprises a female part (a button) into which the RFID chip is fitted to identify the animal, as well as an entirely blank male part.
The combination of the electronic ear tag and SensOor can be applied in one single action using a pair of standard pliers.
Thanks to the unique design, the risk of loss is minimal.
If a cow is sold you can easily release the SensOor and then fit the device onto another cow.

FITS IN EVERY SITUATION  Also in your situation

CowManager is suitable in all situations, its the tool to monitor your cows 24/7 on fertility, health and nutrition.


  • Connection between your management system and the CowManager
  • Cow data available from your own management system
  • Your management system is leading, there is no entry of data necessary in the CowManager
  • Contact us to find out if we can make a connection with your management system


  • Receive all alerts on your PC, smartphone or tablet with the CowManager App
  • Check on every moment of the day the alerts (internet necessary)

Cow identification

  • You can use the electronic ear tag for cow identification
  • The SensOor has been designed to be attached to the electronic ear tag
  • Universally applicable: milking parlour, milk robot, sort gate, feeding box
  • Easy, cheap and reliable system

Barn situation

  • Suitable for all types of barns
  • Only routers necessary in the barn for the reception of data
  • Only a PC with internet necessary, preferable in the barn


  • Expand easily and inexpensive in more barns through Routers
  • Everything in one and the same CowManager

SOLAR ROUTER  On pasture or in feedlot

Do you also want to use the sensOors during pasture or out in feed lots?
The solar router is a router connected to a solar panel, which can be placed in the field or feed lot.
The solar router can pick up sensor data and will send it to another router, which makes it possible to have the right cow information on your smartphone and computer 24/7.
Because of the solar panel there is no need to run cords for power.
Put the solar set on a central place on pasture (close to a water tank), maximum range to other router is 1.000 meters and you can also follow your cows during their time on pasture.

Benefits of the solar set:

  • 1000m range to other routers and coordinator
  • A range up to 200m around sensors
  • The whole day up to date

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