Sensor Unit


The upper front feedroll moves up and down against spring force as it grabs, feeds and compresses the ever varying volume of crop material. The sensor is mounted to the framework (often the gearbox) that supports the upper front feedroll,  as  close  to  the  center  of  the  roll  as  is  reasonably  possible. The RSS mounting stud permits the sensor “position” or “angle” to be adjusted. The sensor angle determines how abrupt the feed roll must move before the sensor will send a signal to the RSCM for evaluation. To adjust the sensor angle, loosen the mounting stud lock nut and rotate the RSS to the desired position and retighten the lock nut. Figures 1,2 and 3 (below) show various sensor positions relative to the upper front feedroll. The vertical arrows indicate the direction the upper front feedroll moves as material is pulled through the rolls.

The RSS positioned horizontal to the feedroll displacement is the most sensitive setting for the sensor (Fig 1)

The RSS positioned vertical (in line with the feedroll displacement is the least sensitive setting for the sensor (ie. Fig 3a shows the sensor rotated clockwise from Fig 1.  Fig 3b shows the sensor rotated counter-clockwise from Fig 1. Both ways are acceptable).

The RSS may be positioned anywhere between the most sensitive and least sensitive settings (ie. Fig 2a shows the sensor rotated to a position clockwise from Fig 1.  Fig 2b shows the sensor rotated to a  position counter-clockwise from Fig 1.  Both ways are acceptable).

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