Sensors for Process Control System


Sensors are an essential component in every process control system. Without measurements, controls cannot be managed efficiently. Hoogendoorn offers a wide range of sensors. In addition to simple sensors for measuring water and air temperature, we also supply advanced sensors to determine microclimate and the activity of your crop. Plants grow best when the supply of energy (sunshine or lighting) and the availability of water, nutrients and CO2 are in balance with each other. An imbalance can stress the plants and cause stomata to remain closed, for example, to prevent dehydration. As a result of this, CO2 absorption for photosynthesis and for cooling the plant is limited. This is detrimental to the quality of fruits and flowers. So it is important to have insight into your plants’ living environment, such as the inside and outside climate, but also into the condition of the plant itself. This is possible thanks to the advanced, reliable sensors from Hoogendoorn.

The sensors measure conditions inside and outside the greenhouse precisely and display these in the form of water and air temperature, humidity, sunshine and growing light, CO2 and plant temperature, among others. All sensors can be completely integrated in the iSii process control where, using setpoints (target values) and conditions, you have determined the conditions under which processes must be initiated. Consider, for example, changes to the tube temperature and the setting of the windows, opening and closing awnings, watering or lighting, or the supply of CO2, etc. The measured values across the duration of the process are used directly for targeted actions to optimize crop results.

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