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Toilet Revolution

- Model Villa 9010 - 12V Battery Dry Toilet



For cottages that do not have access to a 230V power supply, the Villa dry toilet model is available with a 12V fan. The fan (22.5W, 210mA) is highly suitable for battery and solar power. Operating time using a 12V, 100Ah battery is about 2 weeks. Apart from the 12V fan including a battery cable and a power adapter 12/230V, the 9010 is identical to the Villa 9000 dry toilet. It is also supplied complete for simple installation with a venting pipe to run through a wall and a 2-metre long hose for urine waste.


Concealing View Screen

When you sit down the unique pressure seat opens a view screen that otherwise covers the solid waste container. At the same time, the container is rotated so that the contents are evenly distributed.



One speed, should run continously

Please Note!

For Villa 9010 with a 12V fan, we recommend a maximum of two 90° connector pipes.


For the Children

Separett Child seat with the separating function is included with the Separett Villa. The child seat gives a firm hold against the toilet seat and is easy to clean.


Easy Change of Container

Put the lid over the container and use the sliding surfaces to remove the container from the toilet. The toilet is supplied with three containers and ten solid waste bags. Place a bag in the container to simplify cleaning. Additional bags and containers can be purchased if required.



For the urine to end up in the front of the toilet, an extension part for the urine basin is included, which is easily snapped on and off if needed.


Compostable Waste Bag

Fits all models from 1998. Separett Compostable waste bag is designed to endure the conditions inside the toilet and during the storage period. Then it will slowly disintegrate in the ground or in a composter.

  • Material : Impact-resistant high-gloss
  • polypropylene, recyclable
  • Inner container : 23 litres Polypropylene
  • Voltage/Wattage : 12DC/2.5W/210mA
  • Power consumption : 0.06kWh/24 hrs
  • Electrical connection : Battery cable 1.9 m or power adapter 12/230V
  • Noise level fan : <30dB(A)

The Separett Villa 9010 includes

  • Child seat
  • Vent pipe 40 cm (Ø75 mm)
  • Vent grid
  • Indoor flashing for vent pipe
  • Connector pipe 90°
  • Vent cowl
  • 3 solid waste containers and 2 lids
  • 10 compostable waste bags
  • 2 m white hose for urine waste (Ø32 mm)
  • Silicone sealant compound
  • Mounting screws
  • Battery cable and power adapter

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