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Greenhouse Plastic Film



Greenhouses provide ideal environment for the growth of plants (vegetables, fruits and flowers), protect plants against external effects such as rain, wind and cold weather and accelerate the growth of the plant with the balanced environment inside them. This allows harvesting more than once in a year. With the new generation production technology and proper formulas used therein, greenhouse covers may have optional features of solar resistance up to 60 months, light and heat control, prevent humidity and fogging and resistance against sulphur and chlorine chemicals. Solar resistance period, thickness and other optional additives of greenhouse covers are determined according to the intended application (flower, vegetable, fruit, traditional agriculture, hydroponic agriculture, geothermal application, etc.) and the location where it will be used.

Our range of greenhouse covers by solar resistance periods: PE Cover (3-month resistance), 9, 12, 24, 36 and 60-month resistance.
Optional features described in the section of additives are added at the stage of production upon request.

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