- Livestock Vaccine - Septicemia Serum of Calves



SERADOLL is a hyperimmune serum that contains specific antibodies against EC [EC (0101:H-K99+F41+)] and 11A [11 A (0?: H-K99+:, F(Y)+)] strains of E.coli which cause to septicemia in newborn calves. Indications: SERADOLL is indicated for use in newborn calves as an aid in the prevention and therapy of the disease.

  • Composition per dose: Spesific antibodies for E.coli EC strain (0101:H-K99+F41+) and E.coli 11A strain (( O?:H-K99+:, F(Y)+) and Phenol 0.4 %
  • Target Species: Newborn calves
  • Administration and dosage: Prophylactic dose: 5 ml of SERADOLL is given subcutaneously to newborn calves Curative dose: 10 ml of SERADOLL is administered subcutaneously or intramuscular when symptoms are first observed.
  • Packing: Vials of 5, 10 and 50 ml
  • Storage: Store in a cool place (2º C – 8º C). Do not freeze. Protect from light.
  • Destruction conditions: All used bottles should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements of Medicinal Wastes Control Legislation.

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