- Electric Sprayer


Electric knapsack sprayer with 16 /20 litre tank, rechargeable battery and charger. SERENA is the electric knapsack sprayer engineered for a targeted product distribution; its precision allows crop-spraying which are peculiar to the specific needs of the treated area. It’s the ideal tool for agriculture, gardening and disinfestations. Besides this, thanks to its low volume technology, it allows a product optimal spray, with following advantages: Reduction or cancellation of drift effects, more safety for the operator, reduction of environmental risks, chemical products saving, reduction of down times, cost effective use.

SERENA models efficiently satisfy all spraying needs, as they perfectly adapt to herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, acaricide and foliar compost spraying, and to general agricultural or extra-agricultural disinfestations. Tank has got a capacity of 10 or 16 litres and it is manufactured with materials which are resistant to shocks, uv rays and corrosion. Pumps of the sprayers have been manufactured using most advanced technologies, which allow long range and constant performances. Supplied battery (rechargeable sealed lead-acid) lasts about 8 hours (see the table), which means a working day. Supplied battery charger is homologated and it allows a complete battery recharge in 12 hours maximum.

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