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Model Series 500 - Cluster Geolocation System


The Omnisense Series 500 Cluster Geolocation System is used to determine and track the positions and motion of Cluster Nodes within a local area. The nodes form a Wireless Mesh Sensor Network. Each node periodically broadcasts messages to neighbours and by measuring the precise time of arrival (TOA) of messages transmitted by neighbours, the sophisticated Omnisense Joint Timing and Location Engine (JTLE) is able to compute the relative positions of the nodes.

  • Accuracy: ±1 m CEP under good conditions
  • Range: up to 400 m link ranges
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4a
  • Network: proprietary tree & mesh
  • Update rate: 0.5 s to 60 s typically
  • Number of devices: up to 250
  • Motion monitoring with active sensors
  • Application interface: TCP/IP & JSON
  • Management via web interface
  • Operation: fully relative

The Series 500 system is optimised for position, motion and behaviour tracking in local areas, indoors and outdoors for groups or teams:

  • Locating people on site
  • Worker protection, health and safety
  • Healthcare, dementia, post-operative care
  • Sport, real-time and training
  • Leisure and event management
  • Emergency services, fire, police, security
  • Transport logistics, fleet, yard management
  • Animal tracking and welfare monitoring
  • Mining and industrial site asset monitoring

Series 500 is usually provided as a preconfigured system built from the following components:

  • CLS-504 Location Server
  • Gateway node: GCN-533C
  • GCN-523 standard personnel nodes
  • GCN-523P high-performance nodes
  • GCN-533 standard rugged node
  • GCN-533P high performance nodes
  • Optional software and tools

Omnisense is able to offer a customisation service if volume warrants.

The motion of the node is measured with motion sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, rate gyroscope (optional) and altimeter, which are fitted as standard. These measurements may be used to determine its attitude (heading, pitch and roll), behavioural characteristics or even strap-down inertial navigation.

The Series 500 System works by positioning the nodes relative to one another and it, therefore, does not require the installation of special infrastructure. System comprise 2 or more nodes, one of which acts as a Gateway to which the Collector is connected. The Collector provides a bridge between the 'cloud' using TCP/IP and the nodes in the network. It provides simple high level APIs that tell customer applications where their assets are and what they are doing.

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