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Model Series LF - Skids Rotary Mowers



Our series LF rotary mowers have long, rounded skids at both sides to allow for fast working speeds (up to 8-10 km/h = 6-6½ mph). The simple but very sturdy construction of these machines makes them ideal for grass cutting in orchards and vineyards, as well as  for maintenance of estates, airfields, parks, camping sites etc.

Generously overlapping swing away blades

Generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades, which are less funarable for obstacles come as standard on all LF orchard rotary mowers.

Reliable drive

All cutting blades are driven indirectly by means of V-belts, mostly with automatic spring-loaded belt tensioners. This flexible drive system protects the gearbox from shock loads.

  • LF-140   Cutting width 140 cm (4'7')    
    Min. 22 HP
  • LF-185   Cutting width 185 cm (6'1')    
    Min. 25 HP
  • LF-215   Cutting width 215 cm (7'1')    
    Min. 30 HP
  • LF-245   Cutting width 245 cm (8'1')    
    Min. 35 HP
  • LF-275   Cutting width 275 cm (9'0')    
    Min. 40 pk
  • LF-360   Cutting width 360 cm (12'0')  
    Min. 45 HP

  • Tractor 3-pt. linkage cat. I + II
  • PTO speed 540 rpm
  • Walterscheid PTO shaft
  • Indirect and flexible V-belt drive
    (most belts with automatic spring loaded tensioner)
  • 2, 3 or 4 generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades
  • Terrain adjustment and cutting height setup by means of 2 skids
  • Offset possibility (not on LF-140)

  • Support saucers
  • Rear roller
  • Parallelogram-type offset feature: manual or hydraulic 
  • Front mounted models
  • Front and rear mounted models
  • 4 rubber wheels 4.00 x 4

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