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Serpens Species Bacterin



Serpens Species Bacterin is intended for vaccination of otherwise healthy cattle against Papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD, hairy footwart, strawberry heel wart). Serpens Species Bacterin prevents PDD in lesion-free animals, and aids in the treatment of lesions due to PDD in currently affected animals. Serpens Species Bacterin contains killed cultures of an isolate of Serpens Species bacteria. The original isolate was obtained from PDD lesions.

Papillomatous Digital Dermatitis (pdd): Disease Description
Papillomatous digital dermatitis is a chronic disease of the feet and lower legs of cattle. This disease is clinically manifested by skin lesions which may be ulcerative or proliferative in nature. The lesions are typically located near the skin/horn junctions of the digit and may result in severe lameness with secondary production and reproductive losses.

Serpens Species Bacterin: Product Directions

  1. General Directions: Shake well before using. Administer 5 cc subcutaneously (under the skin) using clean technique.
  2. Prevention:
    • Primary Vaccination: Three doses initially, given at 4 week intervals.
    • Revaccination: Revaccinate with a single dose 4 months after the third dose and every 4 to 6 months thereafter.
  3. Treatment:
    • Primary Vaccination: In PDD affected animals, administer three doses at 4 week intervals in conjunction with appropriate management practices which may include footbaths or wraps.
    • Revaccination: After healing of the lesions, follow prevention guidelines with single booster doses every 4 to 6 months.

Serpens Species Bacterin: Product Precautions

  • Store at 35-45 F. Do not freeze.
  • Use entire contents when first opened.
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter or within two weeks before or after parturition.
  • If signs of anaphylaxis occur, treat appropriately with epinephrine or equivalent.
  • Efficacy of this product has been proven on commercial dairies; however, response to any vaccine is dependent upon the environmental challenge and immune function of the animal.
  • This product contains no antibiotics, and requires no milk withdrawal period.

Safety and Supply
Extensive field trials have shown this product to be safe in all stages of lactation and gestation. No adverse systemic effects have been seen with this vaccine. A transient vaccine site reaction has been observed in some animals. This reaction consists of a mild, non-painful swelling of the skin at the injection site.

Supplied: 50 dose vials.

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