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Whoever want's to work with his sawmill independent from any electrical power supply and without any extra generator, needs a machine with a petrol engine. The mobile sawmill model Alpina KB90 is equipped with a V2 petrol engine manufactured by Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton). With only one liter cubic capacity this engine supplies your sawmill with powerful 35 HP (26 kW). The alternator supplies the electric sawhead advance engine, the vertical engine of the sawhead, the precutter engine and at the same time loads the two batteries. It also supplies power to the hydraulic pump, needed for the hydraulic log handling. The mobile sawmill Alpina KB 90 as well as the electric version Alpina KE90 are both equipped with a computerized positioning control.

Cutting length

With the Alpina sawmill you can cut logs from 0,6 up to 6,7 meters length. Optionally you can get an extension of 2.5 meters, then you can cut logs up to 9,2 meters. In mobile sawmills the extension can be transported on top of the sawmill itself.


With a carbide-tipped circular saw blade the precutter cleans the log from the side where the sawblade cuts into the log. By doing so, the sawblade is being protected from stones and dirt extending therefore its life. Because the bark thickness changes from tree to tree, the deepness of the cut of the precutter may be easily changed if required. The precutter counts also with a protection system that will avoid any damage because of wrong operation.

Computerized Positioning

An accurate and fast positioning of the saw blade is important. A digital positioning control is standard equipment and guaranteeCs consistent board thicknesses. She is easy to learn and has various editing programs.

Hydraulic package

The hydraulic package consists of two log lifters, one log clamp turner, one log turning assistant, two log levellers and four clamps to fix the log and pull it down against the sawing table. The squaring arms are also hydraulically controlled.


  • Log lenght : ab 0,6 m
  • Log diameter : 90 cm
  • Space above the sawblade : 39 cm
  • Space below the sawblade : 70cm
  • Width of cut : 70m
  • Productivity / 8 h : 18m

Main engine : 18 KW Electric

Sawblades (Millimeter)

  • Widht : 80
  • Thick : 1,0
  • Lenght : 5100

Hydraulic equipments

  • Log handling : manuell
  • (Loading, Turning, Clamping..) :
  • Sawhead advance : elektrisch
  • Height adjustments : elektrisch
  • Sawblade guidance : manuell
  • Precutter : yes
  • Sawdust container : no
  • Computer : no
  • Automatic operations : yes
  • SPS-Autom. : no

Maße in Transportstellung

  • Height : 2,30 m
  • Width : 2,40 m
  • Lenght : 6,35 m
  • Weight : 1,2

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