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- Model KE90 - Professional Sawmill



The ALPINA KE90  is the ideal sawmill for someone looking for a high quality machine that grants excellent cutting quality at a very low price. This is achieved by using parts  of our professional sawmilling line. The ALPINA KE90 is a sawmill that uses a wide sawblade technology and this at a ideal cutting speed grants precision while cutting. The log handling has to be done by hand.

Extendable cutting lenght

With the ALPINA you can cut logs from 0,6 m length. You decide the maximal cutting length at ordering the mill. The basic machine has a cutting length of 4,8 m; but the wiring to the sawhead is foreseen for a total cutting length of 9,8 m. Should this not be enough then you just have to more extensions and you have to extend also the power supply to the sawhead.


With a circular blade the precutter cleans the bark on the side where the sawblade cuts into the wood. Because of this the life of the sawblade is extended. Because the different trees we have different barks (talking about their thickness) and this is why at our pre-cutter you can easily adjust the deepnes of the cut. It also has a system tha protects the precutter from being damaged due to misuse.

Computerized positioning

A fast and exact positioning of the sawblade is very important. A digital computerized positioning system grants you boards with the exact desired thickness. It is fast and easy to learn and it counts with several cutting programms.


  • Log lenght : ab 0,6 m
  • Log diameter : 90 cm
  • Space above the sawblade : 39 cm
  • Space below the sawblade : 70cm
  • Width of cut : 70m
  • Productivity / 8 h : 18m

Main engine : 18 KW Electric

Sawblades (Millimeter)

  • Widht : 80
  • Thick : 1,0
  • Lenght : 5100

Hydraulic equipments

  • Log handling : manuell
  • (Loading, Turning, Clamping..) :
  • Sawhead advance : elektrisch
  • Height adjustments : elektrisch
  • Sawblade guidance : manuell
  • Precutter : yes
  • Sawdust container : no
  • Computer : no
  • Automatic operations : yes
  • SPS-Autom. : no

Maße in Transportstellung

  • Height : 2,30 m
  • Width : 2,40 m
  • Lenght : 6,35 m
  • Weight : 1,2

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