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Sawmills that are capable of sawing logs up to 130 cm in diameter are hard to come by. In terms of a mobile unit, the SL was the only device in the world that was able to do so when it was introduced in November of 2002. This very fact and its pioneering technology made it a real trendsetter. So it is of no surprise that it was recognised with an Innovation Award already in 2003. By now, the unit has proven itself many hundreds of times over in all climate zones around the world and has been continuously developed based on the gained experiences. The unit is indestructible, rugged, easy to use and cheap to maintain. It can be used both mobile and stationary. And, by the way, the very first SL is still used every single day.

SL 110i / 130i Compact

Log diameter
SL 110i 110 x 140 cm | SL 130i 130 x 160 cm

Log lenght
0,7 to 16 m mobil *

Main engine
Elektric 18,5 kW (optional 22 kW)

33 fm/8 hour *

3,5 t **

The base frame

It’s all about stability! Just like the XE-series, the saw head of the SL also travels back and forth on massive I-beams. The position of the log support, which is welded in between, is determined by you before your base frame is constructed. The hydraulic devices to handle the logs are installed on and between the supports. This allows you to not only load, turn, align and clamp the logs, but you can also feed the cuttings to a buffer table or a roller conveyor for subsequent trimming, for example. Naturally, the SL’s log supports are made of stainless steel in order to prevent blue staining of certain types of wood. Standard cutting length 6.70 m and 8.70 m, each extendable by 5 m. Special lengths upon request.

The saw head

Like all premium models from SERRA, the SL also features a unique saw head. The centre blade tensioning is shifted upward. This gives you 50 cm of free space above the saw blade, providing a decisive advantage. In addition, the SL’s saw head features variable blade tensioning. This means it is easily adjustable for transport and the very reason why such a large sawmill can be hauled on public roads in the first place. Various saw blade lengths may be used, saving you time and money. The saw blade is easily accessed by opening the protective cover upwards. The drive power of the 800 mm cast steel castors is 18.5 kW (optionally 22 kW). Saw blade with up to 120 mm. The saw blade tension, precutter, guide adjusters and sawdust collector are hydraulically operated.

User-friendly V-shape with ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements. Central housing of the electronic machine control. All versions available from SERRA are possible. Hydraulic or electric feed control via joystick, depending on customer requirements. Comfortable grip heating and folding cabin available.

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