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If you dont only want to cut for yourselve and you are planning to cut for others then the MONTANA is the right mill for you. If you want to cut without electrical power than you can choose the diesel version (MD). You can choose between several hydraulic packages for the log handling. The depreciation of this model is extrem low because of its hot dipped galvanized frame, this is because we want you to enjoy sawmilling for a very long time.

Accesories possibilities for the MONTANA ME 90 and MONTANA MD90

We do manufacture the sawmill according to your own requirements. Following you will find the possibilities for the Montana models:

7 or 9 m cutting length?

You can choose between two frames, 7 or 9 m cutting lenght. Both models can have 3 m frame extension. The energie chain has a standard length. In this sense with a 9 m main frame you can cut up to 12 m.

Mobile or stationary?

At the mobile version we install a tandem wheel system with a brake system on it. By choosing the stationary model you will get 4 pairs (at 7 m cutting lenght) and 5 pairs (at 9 m cutting lenght) of adjustable support columns.


A circular sawblade cleans the bark exactly at the height where the sawblade cuts into the log. This gives the sawblade a longer life. Since there are different bark thickness, you can easily adjust the depth of the cut. It also counts with a protection system that avoid any damage because of misuse.

Sawdust collector

Normally the sawdust falls along the machine. Under windy conditions, it makes life to the workers imposible. The sawdust collector, collects the sawdust and can be emptied at any desired place as for example a container. At stationary sawmills this is solved by using a vacuum system.

Computerized positioning

Exact positioning of the sawblade. Proved hydraulic height adjustment of the sawhead height at the diesel version. At the electric we have an electric 2 speed engine that drives the sawhead up and down. A digital computerized positioning system grants you a fast and exact positioning of the sawblade with a tolerance of +/- 0,2mm. Easy to use and different cutting programs.

Log lifters

They lift the log and roll them on the sawing table. You need at least 2 log lifters. You can connect up to 4 log lifters. Each one has a power of lifting up to 0,9 t. Each log lifter is separate and they can be displaced wherever you need the according to the lenght of each log. For mobile sawmills you can either fold them on the sawmill or you can dismount them.

Squaring arms (Standard)

They avoid the log from falling done while being loaded and they help you for getting an cutten wood at an exact 90° angle. They are adjustable. The small wheel on the top helps you to turn bigger logs.

Roller drum

Its  function is to move the log on the sawbed so it can be clamped by as many clamps as possible. The moving of the log has to be done by hand. You can also use them in order to level the log.

Log clamp turner

They turn the log into the desired position. They do not damage the wood and they are fast. You can also turn a whole bunch of boards with it and because of this they make your life easyer by doing the double cut and at the same time increasing the output of your mill. They also fasten and clamp the log at the exact 90° angle. They also help to displace the cutten boards into our lateral board removing system.

Clamping system

The toe boards with clamps level the log so that the center of the log is parallel to the sawing table. They also clamp the log (Adjustable height clamps) and pull it against the sawing table. This is very important feature for long timber that can twist while being cut. Approximately 50% of the logs that are being cut, have such a lot of internal tension that they twist. We also have another system wich are only clamps. These clamps, clamp the log and pulls it against the sawing table. All the clamps are activated by using one only lever. To level the log in this case you would use the roller drums.

Unloading arms

By turning the logs, the bark and boards fall above the squaring arms. The unloading arms are lifted creating an angle and the main products roll down the receiving arms.

Lateral arms beside the mill (Receiving arms)

The boards are received from the unloading arms. As receiving arms we have three options. Option 1: The wood rolls on this arm and falls on the floor, from where is has to be picked up. From there the boards can be placed on a conveyor. Option 2: The cut wood is received by the lateral atrms beside the mill, by lifting them up the boards will be stopped by a holder. From there it can be removed by hand or by fork lift. Option 3: The cut wood is received by the lateral arms beside the mill and once they are lifted the boards fall directly on to a conveyor.

Heated handle

Warm hands even in cold weather. The hydraulic oil flows through this handle. This system can be shut off at anytime.

Foldable operators cabin

Protects the oerato from rain, wind, sun, and sawdust. Fixed on the frame, made out of aluminium and extremely light. To transport it, it takes tow minutes to fold it on the frame of the mill. A plexiglass windshield on the front gives you a clear view of the sawmilling operation. All the other walls can be closed with curtains made out of a special material and zipped together and if not needed you can just roll them up.

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