- Model Type WR1 - Sharpeners



Sawblades in good shape are important for a good cut and that is why we offer a solution, our sharpeners that allows you to cut at any place at any moment and in an easy way. Of course we offer you our Sawblade sharpening service. For us it is very important, that you sharpen your blades yourselve without depending on other people. Because you earn your money sawing and not at sawblade manteinance, we have developed a system wich makes this important job a lot easyer. And however, being able to sharpen your own blades, will ultimately be quicker and cheaper for you.

This automatic sharpener guarantees absolute precision, comparable to that of a stationary unit, with maintenance-free and operator-compatible handling properties.Assembled from three parts with effortless ease, it is easy to transport, quick to put in action, and will re-sharpen the blade within about 10 minutes automatically and exactly, just like the proverbial 'Swiss watch'.

Compact sharpener for bandsaw blades with a lenght from 3000 up to 7000 mm and a width vom 30 to 110 mm. Because of its light weight easy to be transported and used at any place. Easy use as 1,2,3.

  • Motor one Electromotor : 400 V / 0,25 kW
  • Grinder wheels : 200x8x32
  • Cutting speed : 25 tooth per minute
  • Selective cam : PCP and PV
  • Tooth division : 5mm- 45 mm
  • Weight : 69 kg
  • Electricity : 16 Ampere, CEE-Stecker

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