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- Roto Crusher Super Mulcher



The Seven Roto Crusher Super Mulcher is the ideal machine for opening up new land, removing stumps, crushing stones, removing old orchards or vineyards, mulching up slash from forestry operations, clearing land for pipelines, firebreaks etc. It has the ability to take down standing trees, mulch wood and stumps up to 16” in dia., crush stones up to 12” and work everything into the soil to a depth of 9” on the first pass, and up to 18” deep on the second pass. The Roto Crusher Super Mulcher can also be used to rejuvenate gravel roads, without always having to truck in new material. The rotor consists of Tungsten Carbide ‘pics’ arranged in a unique spiral pattern that work against a hydraulic adjustable serrated steel ‘grate’ to reduce to mulch virtually any material that it encounters. Options include a hydraulically controlled roller/guardframe that provides dual function.

The Roto Crusher and be used for:

  • Crushing and mulching of rock, wood and soil
  • Reclaiming uncultivatable stony & rocky lands and brush areas
  • Rejuvenating gravel roads
  • Grinding and crushing asphalt roads
  • Milling stumps
  • Preparing land for the development of ski slopes, and cross country ski trails
  • Crushing material from demolition
  • Clearing oil field right of ways
  • Removing frozen topsoil in pipe laying operations
  • Reclaiming soil for vineyards, orchards, vegetable plantations

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