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Model SF 200 - Sound Feeding System


The SF200 is the worlds first sensor based feeding control system for shrimp farmers.The system uses passive acoustics to identify shrimp feeding activity and then uses that information to control temporal feed delivery via an adaptive© feeding algorithm. The adaptive algorithm ensures feed delivered matches shrimp appetite so that all animals are fed fully without waste 24 hours a day if required.


  • A hydrophone sensor that determines feeding activity by measuring shrimp 'feeding' sounds
  • Adaptive feeding algorithms to control feeding rates
  • Built to high grade marine standards and easy to maintain
  • Connects to a variety of automatic feeders
  • Connects with environmental sensors


  • A state of the art micro control and comms platform
  • Feeding Analysis and Reports are accessed via a web browser on a PC or PDA
  • Advanced filtering algorithms
  • A radial sample range to allow effective coverage of the 'feeding zone'
  • 12VDC power source

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