Model SFM - Forestry Mulcher and Stone Crusher



Forestry mulcher and stone crusher with mulching diameter of 40 cm and maximum working depth of 30 cm, for tractors between 180 and 250 HP.

This unique machine combines the functionality and efficiency of a forestry mulcher with that of a stone crusher.
It is designed and built to grind trees up to 40 cm in diameter and crush rock up to 30 cm in diameter with a single machine.
The wide range of options makes this machine extremely versatile for work in multiple applications:

  • The HYDRAULIC PUSHING FRAME is the ideal equipment for mulching.
  • The HYDRAULIC SUPPORT ROLLER is designed and recommended for soil reclamation. It ensures perfect leveling of the soil after tilling and helps in working depth adjustment. The SUPPORT ROLLER can be occasionally used as pushing frame.
  • The GRADER BLADE is designed for leveling the ground as for example in the gravel and dirt roads construction.

The three “operating equipment” are directly interchangeable thanks to the same coupling system.
High quality the materials, reliable technology and attention to detail guarantee strength and durability over time. Technical solution such as the „Double steel cage system” machine shell, the double side gearbox and the smart PTO shaft system ensure excellent performances and reliability over time.

The self-ranging system of the PTO drive shaft/gearbox allows the shaft to align with the gear box when working on uneven terrain.
The gearbox multiplier system makes it possible to run the rotor at two different speeds: 540rpm for crushing stones, and 1000rpm for mulching wood.

All internal parts subject to wear, such as the internal protections and the counter blades, are fully and easily replaceable by means of a bolt-on system.

The standard equipment includes two sets of counter blades:

  • the first one is adjustable and allows you to control particle size of the output material
  • the second one is a set of forestry type toothed blades

The “Land Clearing skids” ensures a optimal agriculture and forestry operations. Special skids are also available as option for the working depth adjustment.

The standard equipment includes:

  • PTO driveshaft with cam clutch,
  • gearbox with free wheel,
  • hydraulic rear hood,
  • double adjustable counter blades,
  • self ranging system of the PTO driveshaft/gearbox,
  • double side gear type transmission.
  • Options: hydraulic pushing frame, road kit, hydraulic support roller, penetration skids, new alignment kit of the gearbox.

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