Model SG Series - Rotavator


Designed to get big performance from small tractors using WECAN technology allows 35 hp tractors to operate Rotavators normally fitted to 70 hp tractors.

Features of the machine

  • 450mm Rotor Diameter
  • Gearbox: A 4 heavy duty fixed speed 120 hp gearbox
  • Rear Door: Spring loaded rear door adjustment
  • Flanges: Vibration absorbing heavy duty flanges
  • Side Gears: Large dimension high capacity side gears fitted to SG machines
  • Side Chain: 100 hp rated power chain and automatic tensioner fitted to SM machines
  • Depth Guides: Adjustable and removable depth guides
  • Frame: A vibration absorbing box section frame of heavy steel further reinforced with a full length square tube
  • Gears: High capacity gears used throughout
  • Oil Seal: Multi directional spider seal
  • Linkage: Linkage: Cat 1 TPL (3 position)

Operational Features

  • Fast operation at low ground pressure
  • 20-40% fuel cost reduction
  • No pushing of soil or ridging
  • No rolling of straw

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