Shaking is a delicate balance. You need to get the crop off your trees but you don’t want to hurt them.  Our industry has thrown more horse power at this process to increase nut removal but unfortunately, too often, this has resulted in increased damage to our trees.

The unique FlexGrip design of our shaker boom allows the operator to set the angle of the boom where he has the best view of the tree trunks. This provides the “best of both worlds” between the traditional “mono boom” and “side mount” design of shakers.

The Exact FlexGrip allows the boom to “flex” during the clamping action and throughout the shaking process. This means that regardless of the proximity of the tree to the stationary arm when clamp is initiated, the FlexGrip boom provides a consistent “lock-on” by allowing the head to “float” where it needs to go. This eliminates any preloaded pressure and associated tree damage. The FlexGrip greatly reduces operator fatigue and allows him to be more consistent throughout the work day. All he has to do is “put the tree anywhere between the pads.”

The E-6000 has a constant throttle setting during shaking. The shake pattern frequency is altered hydraulically to achieve superior nut removal in a shorter period of time which further reduces tree damage. 

(1)Reduce tree damage (2) Improve crop removal (3) increase productivity with the Exact E-6000 shaker.

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