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Sheep Turn Over Crate



There are two sizes available. Under 75kg and over 75kg Mega. An excellent new way to carry out foot care, scanning, or other flock management tasks with ease. Unlike other models of turn over create; this unit tips the animal into a sting position. This is much more comfortable for the sheep or goat and will relax better than being tipped on its side. The hard work is taken out of turning the animal with the aid of gas struts. The sheep or goat is supported at the chest and underneath while in the tipped position. When the animal is tipped, it is presented to the operator in a perfect working position. This will reduce fatigue and improve productivity.  This unit was designed by farmers who wanted to make their work easier. Galvanized metal construction. Standard size up to 75kg: L x W x H: 145 x 60 x 90 cm. Weight: 70 kg. Large size (Mega) up to 135kg L x W int. x l ext. x H: 165 x 60 x 55 x 90 cm. Weight: 90 kg. Optional Goat kit available. Optional wheels.

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