- Automatic Oyster Grading Systems


Shellquip oyster grading systems are a reliable proven way to improve your business. It takes around 13 hand graders to match the Shellquip grader. Automatically - separate, clean, measure, sort, count and bag. Fast - 1200 to 2000 dozen oysters per hour. Accurate - 99% counting accuracy -more consistent than hand grading. Gentle - oysters sorted by cushions of air. Studies confirm more gentle on oysters than hand grading. Versatile - with a wide range of production enhancing ancillary equipment including feeders, inspection conveyors, washers, baggers and bulk handling.


High Production / Minimal Labour: Depending on oyster size and condition an average processing speed of 1200 dozen per hour (with recorded top speeds of 2000 dozen per hour) is attainable, with only one operator to change bags and a counting accuracy of around 99%.

Fast Payback: It takes around 13 hand graders to match the Shellquip grader, where only one worker is required to change bags or baskets.

Grades by your own program: length x width x height available as an option for even more accurate grading (setting is simple – within seconds).

Sorts: 4, 6, or 8 grade sorters available

High Measurement Accuracy: within + or – 2mm of required measurement.

High Quality Materials: Manufactured from stainless steel our graders are designed for harsh shellfish farming environments.

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