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- Mesh for Aviaries, Cages, Gamebird Pens, Kennels, and Poultry Houses



Whether you need to protect caged animals or birds from predators or secure these animals to protect others, Shepherd Coated Cage Wire is the answer in strength and durability. Cage manufacturers prefer the smooth surface vinyl coated surface of Shepherd mesh which eliminates snagging or cutting from sharp surfaces and makes the wire easy to clean. Shepherd's exclusive fuse-bonded process provides a PVC coating over a high quality galvanized welded wire mesh, making it extremely rust resistant even when subjected to water and other corrosive elements common in cage environments. Aviaries, cages, kennels and animal enclosures made of Shepherd wire are easy to build and are virtually maintenance free. With a variety of meshes from 1/4' x 1/4' to 4' x 4' mesh, and gauge from 23 to 12 1/2, there's a Shepherd Cage Mesh to meet your specific needs from rabbit hutches to zoological applications.

Commercial Zoological Applications
Shepherd offers galvanized mesh, PVC coated mesh and stainless steel mesh for zoo use. Meshes are suitable for flight enclosures, large animal exhibits, general fence use and more.

Kennels, Cages & Enclosures
Shepherd coated cage wire is the first choice of kennels for fencing, cage construction and flooring. With Shepherd vinyl coated cage mesh, animals always have a dry, sanitary and quieter environment. Portable pens from Shepherd Wire are an easy, humane way to provide a controlled and comfortable environment for pets at home or away. Shepherd's exclusive fuse-bonded PVC coating hoses clean for the most sanitary conditions possible. Shepherd mesh is also an effective means of nuisance animal control. Vermin attracted to food bowls or storage are discouraged by steel mesh when used as a rodent barrier.

Dimensionally consistent, smooth, corrosion resistant Shepherd Wire Mesh is a key element in building quality aviaries. The mesh offers superior protection against predators ensuring safe haven for birds in flight and at rest. Aviaries are meant to allow us to enjoy pet birds in as natural an environment as possible, so it's important that Shepherd Wire Mesh is unobtrusive to the human eye.
Commercial Poultry Operations

Breeder Floor
Available in 14 gauge 1' x 1' for chicken flooring and 12 gauge 1' x 1' mesh for heavier birds. A roll of Shepherd Breeder Floor Wire four feet wide, 100 feet long, replaces 400 square feet of wooden flooring and is less expensive and easier to install. Properly supported at 18'-20' intervals, Shepherd Breeder Floor Wire will support a man's weight. Unlike wood and plastic, Shepherd Breeder Floor does not rot or become brittle; Breeder Floor poultry mesh provides years of trouble free service.

Shepherd Side Screen
This PVC-coated 1' hexagonal twist poultry wire mesh (often called chicken wire) is available in 150' rolls of different widths. Like all Shepherd fuse-bonded plastic coated wire mesh, it has a smooth snag-free surface which extends curtain life; it's easy to clean and reduces maintenance.

While this coating assures years of corrosion-resistant service, Shepherd Side Screen hex mesh is designed for more than durable containment. Keep birds out of harm's way from weasels, rats and other vermin - even snakes - will be out of luck and out of the poultry house with Shepherd mesh at work. This steel poultry mesh provides effective protection against predators that can easily tear or gnaw through ordinary plastic netting.

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