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- Mesh for Marine Traps



From the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico, Shepherd galvanized and PVC coated Marine Trap Wire Meshes are #1 in quality and durability. Our extensive national distributor network supplies the best continuing service and product quality to the commercial trap building industry. We offer heavier square mesh for trap construction as well as lighter gauge hex mesh (netting) crab pots. Shepherd's plastic coated Marine Trap Mesh is engineered to be corrosion resistant through our exclusive fuse-bonded PVC coating process. This smooth vinyl coating adheres tightly to the galvanized wire so there is no migration of water to the wire and therefore no rusting. Consequently crawfish traps, crab pots and bait wells made from Shepherd Wire are longer lasting and can withstand the brutal weather, corrosive salt water and the roughest use you can give them.


Rhino Coat Plus is Shepherd's heavier gauge, increased zinc content North Atlantic lobster trap wire. Rhino Max is Shepherd's exclusive alloy coated wire that provides the best protection against corrosion possible with galvanized wire. Both types of wire contain just the right combination of flexibility and abrasion resistance to prevent cracking in cold environments, thus allowing ease of trap construction. Shepherd offers meshes in a variety of colors for easier trap identification.

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