- Model 2008A - Combine Harvester


The 4 type LZs-2s gold eagle series round type associately harvests machine to adopt to specially slice to flow from the walk type rice wheat, the stalk flow a pair of rollers to carry on taking off grain and separation and stir a grain round to have no class to become soon, pure choose big scope of amount of breeze of adjustment, the fan type replies to take off a machine to carry on miscellaneous remaining is two processings, the adjustable type lengthens tail Shai, the whole hydraulicses change direction and have no the class become to soon run about device and all work hydraulic control.Own an auto to unload food device and food Cang sleeping berth and tornado in addition to dust machine etc. is several patent techniques.Have structure tightly packed, function credibility, the power is sturdy, the adaptability is wide, features beauty, produce an efficiency Gao, manipulate characteristicses like vivid convenience,etc, is the best machine that harvests wheat, paddy rice and soybean.

The gold eagle 2008 As' associately harvesting machine is the foundation that harvests machine at the little overlord of gold eagle up, carry on to the point part excellent turn the model of design, it inheritted a little overlord of gold eagle to automatically unload food, the food Cang sleeping berth, tornado in addition to dust etc. is all advantages.

The product introduces

Main function characteristics

The gold eagle 2008 As at little overlord foundation up make following improvement:

Once widenned bridge, excellent turn to take off a grain of separation system.

Install intelligence to turn a LCD number to show gauge and mow a set to settle Chinese foot organization.

Increase hand Cha to report to the police device.

Adopt a car type to shift gear organization, the new hydraulic manipulates and operates vivid convenience.

Become soon box clutch friction slice diameter from φ 210 increase φ 240.

Add a speech to reverse the car, go a car more safe.

Is new to become soon box, add thick half stalk, spread to twist Ju to increase 30%.

Widen a round to be apart from, maintain convenience.

Increase independent tool box, the convenient machine hand maintains at any time.

Add thick axle, strengthened round Gu, the function is more dependable.

The new bridge house, new luxury outside covers.

Enlarge food Cang and food Cang sleeping berth.

Many adjustable types leave heart breeze machine.

Enlarge water tank, tornado in addition to the dust equips.

Can choose to pack the corn machine appropriation enlargement to change direction bridge, reserve corn machine to connect, the convenience increases corn result device, carry out a machines to use more.

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