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- Model 32oz (1 Quart) 10,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage - Herbicide



Powerful Shore-Klear contains the same active ingredient as Rodeo and is effective against many aquatic emergent weeds including Spatterdock, Cattails, Willows, Purple loosestrife, aquatic and terrestrial grasses, Torpedograss, alligator weed, broad-leaf weeds, smartweed, primrose willow, American Lotus, water lily, Waterhyacinth, Canarygrass and more.

Shore-Klear - a water-soluble liquid, mixes readily with water and nonionic surfactant to be applied as a foliar spray for the control or destruction of many herbaceous and woody plants.

Mixing: Shore Klear mixes readily with water. Mix spray solutions of this product as follows: fill the mixing or spray tank with the required amount of water while adding the required amount of this product. Near the end of the filling process, add the required surfactant and mix well.

Water in areas treated with SHORE-KLEAR Liquid has no use restrictions.

  • Supreme emerged aquatic vegetation control
  • Broad-spectrum grass, broadleaf weed and brush control
  • Nonselective
  • Controls entire plant including the root
  • Easy to apply
  • No Swimming Restriction
  • One Quart Treats 10,000 Sq ft
  • Must be used with surfactant such as Cide Kick II or Cygnet Plus
  • Super economical

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