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Shrink Wrap Polyethylene Film



Polyethylene film suitable for manual and automatic stretch wrapping machines. Can be supplied as single or double shrink wrap in: standard high transluceny and high tear resistance.

Shrink wrap machines
Flexible and versatile film used in a number of industries.

Manual wrap film
High speed packaging, ideal for beverages and food packaging.

Dual roll Machines
Specifically designed for brick packaging.  “Laterstrong” is one of the best products in this field thanks to its strength, relative thinness and stability and as it adheres to the wooden pallet keeps from riding up uncovering the bricks.

Non Stick
Commonly used to package shrink wrapped goods as it avoids adherence to the shrink wrap film.
Technical specifications:40 micron to 200 micron thickness
Printing:up to 4 colours
Availability:in tube rolls; min weight 25kg
Packaging:in tube rolls on pallets – 1000kg/pallet

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