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Model SHSA - Horizontal Scourer



The Satake Horizontal Scourer SHSA has been engineered to provide a thorough scouring and impacting effect on grain and is used in various places within grain cleaning plants. The machine will effectively remove outer husks and crease dirt by its intense scouring action and will reduce in size and therefore remove through the sieve apertures any mudballs, small friable seed impurities and any insect fragments. Similarly the impactor/scourer will break the weaker, insect damaged kernels and effectively eliminate them. By removal of these impurities the SHSA provides more hygienic storage conditions within the cleaning and tempering sections and will reduce the colour, ash, filth and microorganism content of the final products milled from the grain.

  • High throughput with intense scouring action
  • Low space and power requirement
  • Hygienic design with excellent accessibility for internal and external cleaning
  • Sieve drum easily and rapidly replaced
  • Most hygienic storage conditions due to insect and microorganism removal
  • Lower ash/colour final products due to crease dirt, mudball and small seed removal

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