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Model SI 1 series - Automatic Interrow Rotary Hoe


The SI 1 mechanical hoe was designed for tilling the soil below rows of raised crops with the mulching of weeds between plants. It is suitable for use among rows of grapes, fruit trees and any other crops grown in raised rows. It is extremely sturdy, making it perfect for use on heavy and difficult soils and with long grass. It features an automatic, lateral movement system with a height- and sensitivity-adjustment sensor, so it can also be used on recently planted crops.

operating width 40-50-80 cm; lateral movement 40 cm; operating depth 12 cm; variable overhang from tractor centre in order to adapt to conditions (always indicate row width and tractor gauge). Optional: inclination of the hoe unit to follow ground contours (operated from the driving seat); control of retraction in case of emergency.

extremely sturdy structure; can operate in rows with closely planted crops (80 cm.); hoe unit with oil-bath chain transmission (oversized); sensor and movement sensitivity; hoe unit can be replaced with other equipment using the same chassis (earthing up and unearthing disks, rotary harrow unit, mini tiller).

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