Cucchi snc

- Model SI 2 series - Rotarys Hoes with Sensing Device


The first version of this unique product was designed forty years ago for simultaneously working the soil both between each plant and also between the rows of plants in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and generally with any other crops grown in raised rows. The central, fixed mechanical hoe supports a small, automatic weeder hoe at the back (with a special, oil-bath cardan transmission), controlled by the height and sensitivity adjustment sensor. The particularly sensitive, precision sensor is delicate enough to permit weeding without any damage to plants, even very young ones. Minimum space between plants 80 cm.

operating widths 125+40 -145+40 -170+40 -180+40 cm; operating depth of central hoe 20 cm, weeder hoe 12 cm; lateral movement 40 cm. Optional: control of retraction in case of emergency; weeder hoe operating width 50 cm.

extremely sturdy structure; no tractor movement during work, even on tyres; the main hoe is stable and fixed to the lateral depth-adjustment sleds; does not create dips in the soil; reduced operating depth close to roots; can be used with weeder hoe open or closed. Available in central or lateral versions or with double lateral movement (the SI 2 S version).

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