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SICMA S.r.l.

- Model F3 Umbrella - Self-propelled Harvester


The 3-wheel drive are activated by a high-pressure hydraulic pump controlled by foot-pedals. The machine has two speeds and two reverse gears. The service brake is automatically activated by releasing the pedal which enables the machine to move, whereas the emergency brake, when the engine is turned off, is automatically activated, as the wheel hubs are equipped with negative brakes.

Negative brakes are lamellate blocks, which are blocked when there is no pressure on the brakes cylinders. The handbrake with an in-motion machine is activated by pressing a button on the control panel. The vibrating head movement is hydraulically activated by a joystick and two levers positioned on the driver's console.
The driver’s cab is open on its left side. The seat is equipped with seatbelt.

The vibrating head is mounted on the telescopic arm and is hanged by anti-vibration supports, which prevent the vibration to be transmitted to the driver’s cab.
The high frequency, self-braking vibrating head increases the percentage of harvested fruits in a short time, limiting undesirable ending overvibrations.

The vibrating head movement is hydraulically activated by a joystick and two levers.
The driver’s cab is open on the left side only and the seat is equipped with seatbelt.  
The reverse umbrella is coupled to the machine through a quick connection system, that allow the user to easily connect or remove the umbrella; 

Optional: “New Reverse Umbrella System with Balancing Bars' which permits to the umbrella to remain only 50 cm of height from the ground. In this way, bars can turn around the tree trunk without interfering with the lowest branches.

Harvested fruits fall down in the case, which contains up to 500 kg.

  • Three-wheel drive, with a single steering rear wheel;
  • Hydraulic drive from thermal engine to the wheels;
  • Telescopic arm ;
  • Quick hydraulic release and connection system of the reverse umbrella.
  • High-frequency, self-braking vibrating head;

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