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- Model N3 - Self-Propelled Machine


N3 self-propelled machine for the mechanical harvest of olives, nuts, almonds and others stone fruits. It is specifically designed for a quick picking, as it eliminates idle times caused by the machine approach and manoeuvres to the plant. N3 has a high picking potential. On its right side N3 mounts a vibrating head turned toward the outside and hanging from a telescopic arm. Thanks to the position of the vibrating head, the machine moves along the rows with a rectilinear motion. When the vibrating head is aligned with the tree trunk, it slides thanks to the telescopic arm until it reaches the point where the vibration has to be applied to the plant. This machine is particularly suited to work on plants where a hold is necessary to exert the vibration (5 year-old plants or older).

The machine is composed of a steel tubing chassis; the driver’s cab- designed in order not to impede the machine movement under thick foliage- is completely closed with glass panels on the four sides and on the roof.

The frame is positioned on three wheels – a steering front wheel and two single or twinned rear wheels. The two-rear-wheel drive is operated through a oil-pressure system. The forward and the reverse gear are engaged through a pedal hydraulically connected to the transmission pump.

A pedal and a hand-regulated lever activate the engine acceleration. A steering wheel connected to a hydraulic power steering controlling a hydraulic circuit enables direction changes.

The control board is in front of the driver and has a tachometer hour counter for the engine; the ignition switch, the lights and indicators switches, the indicators generator and the oil pressure warning lights are also placed there. On the same board you can find the low-pressure circuit, filter and utilities monometer. A joystick controls the vibrating head movement and vibration.

The machine has two forward gears and a reverse gear. The gear selector is on the control board. The service break or the emergency brake are automatically released when the engine is off, since the wheel hubs are equipped with negative brakes. The latter are negative blocks incorporated in the wheel hubs, which are blocked when there is no pressure on the brake cylinders.

A button pressed during a negative motion phase activates the emergency brake. A joystick, placed near the driver’s right hand activates the vibrating head movements and the vibration. A low-pressure circuit and some electrical connections control the hydraulic oil distribution to the different devices.

Two tanks are placed in the engine compartment: one is for the transmission circuit and for the hydraulic oil utilities, the other for the fuel, the distributors and hydraulic system valves and the accumulator.

The exhaust manifold is placed outside the engine compartment, behind the engine. The cab is equipped with shatter-proof glass panels and lacks pressurised hydraulic pipes. The vibrating head is at one end of the telescopic arm and is secured by anti-vibration supports, so that the vibration does not hit the cab.

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