SICMA S.r.l.

- Model B411 - 4-Wheel Drive Harvester


B411 is a multipurpose, self-propelled, 4-wheel drive harvester. The harvester has reduced size and condenses the most advanced technology that always distinguish the high quality of Sicma’s harvesters. B411 was built to pick-up olives from the ground, but due to its versitility and a presetted hydraulic system, a New Generation Vibrating Head can be applied, which make it a higly efficient self-propelled harvester.

Main characteristics:

ENGINE: KUBOTA 66 CV - 4 Cylinders, water-cooled;
CHASSIS: Tubular Monoblock and Sheet;
TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic, 4-wheel drive with rear axle steering and negative braking system;
CONTROL: Joystick;
BRUSHES: Balanced set of brushes which improve the adaptability to the harshness ground;  

  • n.1 Hydrostatic transmission pump
  • n.1 Service pump
  • n.1 Hydraulic steering pump
  • n.1 Regulator to control the revolution of the brushes;
  • High-frequency, self-braking vibrating head (NEW GENERATION);
  • Self-centering closing jaws;
  • Closed hydrostatic circuit;
  • Opening pliers up to 45 cm;
  • Total working width with brushes: 1900 mm;
  • Total width of the case: 2200 mm;
  • Max height: 1100 mm;
  • Max Lenght: 4150 mm;
  • Height for frontal unload: 2400 mm
Dimensions with the vibrating head:
  • Total width: 1600 mm;
  • Total length with the telescopic arm drawn in: 4300 mm;
  • Total length with the telescopic arm extended: 5100 mm;
  • Max height of the plier: 3500 mm;

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