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Side Rike for Ditches


The side rake solves the age-old, laborious task of having to manually rake up the grass growing in ditches, channels and on embankments, but can also be used for routinely raking flat ground. Grass is brought to the side of the ditch and spread out for it to dry or deposited in rows ready for collection. This consists of a fixed main chassis and a hydraulically-operated swivel frame, which supports the side rake's reel. The swivel frame is also fitted with two support wheels and a chain: together, these let the side rake reel oscillate so it can follow the contours of the ground with ease. The rake has an operating width that can be set between 120 and 260 cm. The minimum power required is 35 Hp.

Strong points:
sturdy, fast, practical and simple; swivel frame closes up for on-road transport.

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