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Sidewall Systems



In order to meet the growers’ wishes towards sidewall systems, BOAL Systemen offers a wide range of profile. Each profile meets various requirements related insulation, glass thickness and physical appearance. Insulation is an important design feature of sidewall systems. In the different systems, BOAL Systemen deals differently with insulation. The 4 and 6 mm systems are for example available with two single glass layers; offering a higher degree of insulation at an affordable price. In the 4, 6 and 16 mm systems, the aluminum is insulated with PVC capping. The 22 – 26 mm system features a thermal insulator between the inside profile and the screw list (optional). For esthetical reasons, this system is namely offered with aluminum cover strips.


The water tightness of the system is cared for with accurate connections, rubber seals and PVC or aluminum covers. Damage and / or contamination by condensation is prevented with an integrated condensation drainage. Besides the quality of the siddewall system itself, BOAL Systemen also provides special profiles for the connections and seals with gutters, foundations and surrounding structures. Precision and robustness provide extra strength to the façade system. Moreover, the sidewall systems can be beautifully finished with the available connection and transition profiles.

The system is available for 4 and 6 mm glass, 16 mm polycarbonate or acrylate and 22 – 26 mm double glass. Depending on the preferences in terms of insulation and finish, the sidewall system is adjusted to the customer’s needs.


  • PVC covers, double layer systems and thermal insulators are available for insulation.
  • Rubber seals, PVC or aluminum covers and integrated condensation drainage answer the requirements for water tightness.
  • Special connection and transition profiles offer additional strength to a well finished sidewall.

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