- Straw Blower with Walking Triple Floor



Especially designed for telescopic handler, the straw blower can spread round or square bales up to 15 meters away.


The loading door is actived by two rams and equipped with two retaining tines for square bales.


Thanks to the walking triple floor the bale is driven towards the rotor which feeds the turbine. As soon as the turbine lowers in speed the walking triple floor and the rotor stop automatically thus enabling the turbine to get the rated speed (hydraulic automatic control) and thus ensuring an even spreading.

  • Hydraulic door
  • Retaining tines for square bales
  • Swivel and angle chute (260°)
  • EMILY’Connect selector box
  • Weight: 1 350kg
  • Minimum oil flow advised: 70L/min

  • EXCLUSIVITY: the patented walking triple floor is activated by hydraulic motors.
  • CONVENIENCE: optimized weight (close to the headstock), optimized visibility and offset.
  • RELIABILITY: directly driven by a hydraulic motor (no control box). Bolted blades on the turbine.
  • POWERFUL: automatic regulation of the straw quantity swallowed by the swivel chute.
  • CAPACITY: 260° swivel chute controlled by a joystick. Spreading up to 15m away.
  • PRECISION: swivel chute inclination thanks to an electric ram.
  • ERGONOMICS: ergonomic and intuitive remote control box in the cab fixed with a suction pad.
  • STURDINESS: reinforced door with flared end.

  • Fogging system

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