Sigma 4 S.p.A.

- Bulldozer Blade



The deep experience and the high manufacturing technology developed by Sigma 4 are combined in this line of front dozer blades for crawler tractors. Inspired by an industrial blade design, rugged construction and full reliability, the dozer blade can perform heavy duty jobs at the farm. Clearing land or snow, piling silage, levelling ground, grading…all operations quickly and easily performed.

Velotak is a quick-fit system developed by Sigma 4 to speed up all operations of coupling/decoupling of the frame onto the tractor. By moving the tractor, the pins (P), placed on the fixed frame, slide into the proper slots (S) placed on the movable frame. The system is then locked by sliding lever (L) acting on the position of pin (G). The pin (G) will have a locking function when in lowered (position 1) and unlocking when raised (position 2).The frame will decouple simply by shifting the lever (L) in position 2 and moving the tractor in reverse speed; for the coupling operation, the lever (L) can stay in position 1 as the device will lock-in as the tractor moves forward, without any additional operation.

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