Silage Covers

FeedFresh silage covers combine high strength fiber reinforcement with a blend of performance resins providing the ULTIMATE in cover strength, while maintaining the HIGHEST feed quality. FeedFresh silage covers help Dairy and Cattle Producers increase their bottom lines by maintaining high quality silage throughout the bunker. Maintaining palatability results with a more consistent feed intake allows the cows to produce additional pounds of milk for the dairy producer or improve the steer/heifer's gain per day for the cattle producer.

Importance of Lowering the OTR

With a lower OTR value, the silage will remain in a stable condition throughout the silage pile. Lowering the amount of spoilage allows more time to concentrate on getting the cows fed and less time separating the spoilage from the feed. FeedFreshTM bunker covers are designed to add to the bottom line. The lower the OTR; the fresher the feed.

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