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Silage Grabs


The ICS Silage Grabs have been designed to handle all types of silage, direct from the stack, round and medium bales are handled with ease as well as being used around the farm doing general jobs such as clearing branches and carrying posts. 1200mm,1500mm & 1800mm Grabs available as standard, other variations can be designed and built to suit customers requirements. Top Quality forged tynes are used on all Grabs to ensure long life. Silage Grabs come complete with hoses and couplings.

Operation of the Silage Grab: 

The ICS Silage Grab are able to be mounted on any make or model of front end loader. The grab arm is moved in an even arc by top mounted hydraulic cylinder(s). 

Tynes on the grab arm are shaped to match the arc so that they pull effortlessly into the silage and compress it into the grab. Side tynes prevent silage from spilling out sideways. These tynes are removable to allow easy handling of bales. 

Other Grabs also available from ICS Manufacturing include; 
-Log Grapple (picture 2) 
-Multi Grapple (picture 3)

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