Silage wrap film and net

We offer our own brand of multilayer, highly effective silage wrapping film and net used for silage production. Involvement film main characteristics: - manufactured from high quality metallocenes. Extremely resistant to puncture - performs trouble free on any square or round bale wrapping machine on the market - photostable UV filters protect the film from deradation for up to 12 months - allows the storage of feed for up to 24 months without any risk of decline in the quality of the product - 3 layer structure and is produced from high quality materials using advanced blow technology - suitable for wrapping all kinds of silage, for example bales of grass, maize, sugar beat, lucraine etc. - size: 750mm x 25um x 1500m 500mm x 25um x 1800m Involvent net main characteristics: - made from highest quality HDPE polymers using the latest achievements of Karl Mayer Co. - elastic and highly durable - size: 3000m x 123 cm x 12g/m

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