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Saving the top layer of silage today for next winter. Save time, save money! The cost of fertilizing and cutting a ton of silage will exceed €20 per ton this season. Research shows that it takes 3 feet settled silage to make 1 foot of waste. On a silage pit 30ft x 50ft x 6″ of this would result in 50 tons of silage having to be dumped. At a conservative value of €25 per ton, this results in financial loss of some €1250 to the farmer concerned, not to mention the labour involved in removing the waste from the pit.

Yields a 6:1 return on investment: €1,250 in waste silage, less cost of product €250= €1,000 Saving. 

• Sila- Save will reduce the amount of surface silage waste
• Sila-Save saves labour at feeding time
• Sila-Save will save valuable feed for next winter
• Sila-Save is a proven product

Silage at the top of the pit is difficult to preserve, even with adequate rolling and sealing, air pockets often remain between grass and the cover. The second major reason is during the fermentation process heat is produced which rises carrying with it water vapour. This water vapour condenses when it reaches the plastic at the top of the pit. This makes the silage wetter at the top of the pit and thus more difficult to preserve.

The combination of air and wet silage and heat make an ideal environment for yeasts and fungi to multiply. These consume the nutrients present in the silage causing the silage to rot and form the black layer often seen in silage pits.

SilaSave contains a blend of mould inhibitors with 6 times the preservation capacity of salt allowing SilaSave to penetrate 6” beneath the surface of the silage pit.

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