Silo Wall Components Greten System



The Greten mobile silo components complement the range of existing mobile silo products. The construction of the components makes assembly easy. All prefabricated components are made of concrete from the strength class C 35/45 and follow DIN 11622.

The base point features toothing. This construction method allows prefabricated reinforcement cages with the necessary rod diameters to be incorporated, which in turn reduces working time compared to traditional single rod reinforcement.

The components are not stripped but harden in the form. This fabricating technique guarantees a very high dimensional stability. It especially benefits manufacturing of the permanently elastic joints of the mobile silo components. Only this method results in a maintenance-free joint.

The machines used to compact harvests are getting bigger and bigger. Therefore tractors with a total weight of 18 t (even load distribution over four wheels) were chosen as the basis of calculation for these mobile silo components. These machines may drive as closely as 50 cm(distance to wheel center) to the outer wall.

The 2.25m component width significantly lowers assembly time compared to the 1 mwide wall components. The top of the wall features two anchors for the erection of the components. A socket to fasten a patented support is incorporated in the side of the wall. This patented support allows the wall component to be lined up easily.

The sides have a beveled edge of 1.5 cm. The triangular surfaces between the components are sealed on site.

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