- Hopper Bottom Silos



SILOPRO hopper bottom silos are produced in range from 5 tonne up to 1.000 tonne. Generally,it is preferred in continous discharge status. During unloading, out of energy use and lower operating costs is the main reason to prefer these type silos. Moreover, this type is a special preference with the grains that has low angle of repose. For this reason, SILOPRO hopper bottom silos are the best solution if you want complete discharge, self-discharge or low cost disharge in your system.

SILOPRO also developed special steel structures, chassis and platforms for hopper bottom silos. These steel structures placed in the bottom of the hopper silo gives height win to the silo. This prepared combined systems placed on the rail lines and truck loading points to fill train vagons and trucks simple and healthy.

Hopper silos lower part has 45° and 60° degree angle and this allows the grain to flow easily with its own fluidity. However 45° degree conical bottoms are use for grains, 60° degree conical bottoms are used for feed, wet material and low fluidity materials.

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