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As a result of laboratory tests, SILOPRO stiffeners are in G-115 ( 350gr/m² ) standarts which are %25 stronger against colour casts and oxidation than G-90 standart stiffeners. Also %60 more protective than stiffeners produced under G-90 standarts.

SILOPRO stiffeners thickness from 4mm to 8mm are subjected to hot deep galvanising process. This allows 700-900 gr/m² amount of galvanize coating to the stiffeners.

SILOPRO stiffeners are designed according to standart of (American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)) 'ASTM A653 Grade 50 Steel? have minimum 4.570kgf/cm² (65,000 PSI) tensile strength. This causes a serious superiority against other silo manufacturers in the market.

8,8 quality high strength decromat 500 a coated bolts are used in all sheet connection places in order to obtain highest degree of durability of all SILOPRO silos. Special caulking is used in all silo body sheets and upper cone connection points in order to obtain full air imperviousity and full waterproofness.

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