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Farm silos are used for the storage of animal feed in livestock, poultry and pig farms. Our wide variety of high quality steel farm silos (farm bins) are protected by an innovative coating up to 10 times more resistant to environmental corrosion than traditional galvanization.

Our high quality steel-made farm silos (farm bins) are protected by an innovative coating.  This new Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium coating is up to 10 times more resistant to environmental corrosion than the traditional galvanization. With this impressive performance we warranty our farm silos for up to 20 years against environmental corrosion*. 

  • We offer a wide variety of metal silos and all necessary accessories for their installation and perfect functioning.
  • We have green pre-lacquered silos available, which comply with the regulations on environmental impact that are in force in some areas. These silos have two coats of lacquered paint on galvanised sheet metal, one outside and one inside; this reinforces resistance to corrosive agents.
  • Our modular design with no welding or paint utilizes steel sheeting with a shallow corrugation in order to manage product stored with a tendency to stick on the wall sheets.
  • Our farm silos are manufactured with reinforced ribbed roofing and drip edge. We achieve an elevated level of resistance to deformations and corrosion.
  • In addition, we have designed a new silo stairway confirming to the UNE-EN ISO 14122 norms with Full Compliance status.
  • We have created a product to meet your needs with a total satisfaction quality guarantee.
  • Our silos are differentiated according to their storage capabilities and exits, which can be side or centrally located, to cater to all customers needs.

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