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Galvanized Steel Silos



The storage bins for cereals in BECCARIA galvanized and corrugated sheet are the results of years of experience in the agro-industrial mechanical field and of a high quality standard that makes use of the most modern designing and manufacturing technologies: all finalized to the tooling and storage plants manufacturing, the cereals preservation and working.

Structural Solidity Particular

  • Differentiated thickness of the sheets (calculated on the basis of the product pressure and mass silage to the different levels).
  • Use of a high number of reinforced vertical frames in pressed-bent zinced steel with variable thicknesses and veined section.

High Product Sliding

  • Use of zinced carbon steel corrugated sheets with a corrugation to assure a high friction reduction between cereal and wall.

Perfect Tight Against the Atmospheric Agents

  • Roof in ALUZINC with modular and prefabricated elements with inclination of 25°.
  • Use of bolts and washers with a high zinced covering.
  • Application of special rubber gaskets in the sheets and roof overlapping points.

Long Duration in the Time

  • Sheets and frames covering through a modern galvanization technique SENDZIMIR with a high percentage of zinc.
  • Roof superficial finishing with special covering ALUZINC (zinc and aluminium alloy).

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