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Simarouba Agricultural Extension Kit

CJP has specifically developed and designed a unique kit for SIMAROUBA plantation and crop care for 1 hectare called: “Agricultural Extension Kit” – a key to your fuel farm “just enables & encourages the farmers/ new growers to start the SIMAROUBA crop cultivation in a right and prefect manner by adopting the concept of “sustainable agriculture”. SIMAROUBA Agri- Extension Kit contains GKVK3_KALI Elite seeds for cultivation in 1 ha SIMAROUBA GROWING & CARE INSTRUCTION MANUAL: An Easy- To- Follow Growing & Crop Care Instructions Manual SIMAROUBA MONITORING & MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DIARY: A Very Typical Monitoring & Management Diary THE SHIPPING TIME SHALL AROUND 30 DAYS AS PER PHYTOSAINATRY CERTIFICATE PROCESS

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