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Now available with a new hydraulic auto-reset tine option and a choice of six rear rollers, the Great Plains Simba DTX® is extremely versatile. Designed as a mounted one pass stubble incorporator/soil loosener for tractors in the 200-360hp range, it can be used as a first entry machine into non- inversion tillage or to knock down ploughing, whilst loosening down to 400mm. It is also ideally suited to establishing oilseed rape straight into stubble, as it leaves a very level, fine and consolidated seedbed.

Arranged in a staggered formation, the DTX® is fitted as standard with five Simba Pro-Lift loosening tines which excel in heavier soils and situations where deeper loosening is required. The Pro-Lift legs offer three wing options to suit the degree of lift and shatter required. The new optional auto-reset tine system can be specified for stoney conditions reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The tines are followed by two rows of cultivation discs. These are fully adjustable by means of a simple turnbuckle which creates a greater or lesser angle to vary how aggressively the soil is worked. Individually mounted, spaced at 250mm and measuring 500mm in diameter, their rotational speed is far greater than more conventional discs. Chopping and mixing is enhanced, and a finer seedbed is achieved. Pro-Active disc units give optimum protection against stone damage.

At the rear, you have a choice of six different rollers including the HD Roller, V-Roller and Maxlift Roller as well as the Aqueel II, DD 600, DDL 600 (200mm spacing) and DDL 600 (150mm spacing) rollers.

A massive amount of clearance between the tines, both sets of discs and the rear roller ensures that the DTX® can deal easily with high volumes of trash.

  • Hydraulic auto-reset tine option
  • Low Disturbance (LD) legs in lieu of Pro-Lift legs
  • Small seed applicator and following harrow
  • Full European road lighting kit

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