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- Model PL - Road Planer


Ideal for asphalt and concrete. Innovative SIMEX Patent: 'Self levelling feature of both left and right slides'. Independently from the position of the planer and the ground contour, it allows: Constant Planing Depth under any condition; Maximum Stability and no vibration; Perfect Containment of the spoil.

In addition, the SIMEX Self Levelling feature combined with the SIMEX independent depth adjustment on both left and right sides and the Transverse Tilt Damped System, allows:

  • Perfect Levelling Of Planed Surfaces, thanks to the complete removal of drops between side by side passes;
  • Perfect Adherence of the planer in the presence of uneven grounds, sidewalks, rises and bumps.

  • Hydraulic piston motors direct driving with the planing drum: high performance and low overheating.
  • Drums and discs available in several sizes, easily and quickly replaceable, for all kind of works, both generic and specific.
  • Low costs of maintenance, as far as the only replacement of the used up tools.


Total dismantling of the whole asphalt coaling.

Production of spoil ready at once to fill the dig.

Great saving because:

  • the costs for draining the coatings into slabs are eliminated;
  • the costs for handling of machines are eliminated;
  • the costs of the filling are reduced.
  • Low costs of maintenance, as far as the only replacement of the used up tools.

Carrying out of digs with parallel and straight edges.

Creation of rough edges for a more effective fastening of the new closing carpet.

  • Ideal for planing up to 2/3 cm from the side wall.
  • Great handiness and speed for works in urban centres, in presence of manholes, sidewalks, poles.
  • Optimum for finishing the works made by bigger planers.

  • Specially designed for the roadways where big thickness of asphalt have piled up in lime.
  • Ideal in all planing works for canalizations.

  • Achieve perfect planes through the complele elimination of each gradient between side by side passes.
  • Ideal for the use on large surfaces.
  • Comfort and practicality in use also in narrow spaces.
  • Allow to give the desired slope to the scarified surface.
  • Surface restorations (3 cm.) without any trouble to the traffic.
  • Particularly indicated for planing again the bumps created by previous digs and badly compacted.


Particularly performing (thanks to the slides' Self-levelling-Simex Patent) to create:

  • great areas perfectly flat and without any steps;
  • sound bands;
  • greater grip on dangerous roadways;
  • preparation of surfaces for new paving;
  • removal of strong traffic signs.

  • It allows to clean the planed trench discharging the spoil to the left or right side of the machine.
  • It allows to remove very quickly the spoil from the planed area, so that this spoil may be easily used again.
  • It can be used with standard drum.

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